A quality death is unlikely, and we can't help, but we can help you with a quality life

GĂ©rard Montesieu

Let's talk about death first for a moment. I am convinced that most deaths are miserable and agonizing.

In some cases, this is obvious. Who wants to be tortured to death by other humans? This can be extremely cruel. Skinned, boiled, burned, drowned. In earlier days, to die of torture was a common fate. See here for a gallery of historic illustrations.

Has death become better. Maybe yes, for a good number of people.

But more possible shitty death fates are actually of a newer date: Agony extended by medical science.

Many traditional kinds of death at least were over in a few minutes. But now, artificial respiration can extend suffering for many years.

What causes death?

Ultimately, it's a lack of oxygenation of the brain.

So whether it's strangulation or a massive heart attack or an opiate overdose, it's always the lack of oxygen in the brain that causes death.

After 5 minutes of no oxygen, brain cells die. After 3 minutes, you will likely already be unconscious.

But even in "good" death, there will be two minutes of awareness of a pending death. Most probably painful.

Consciousness in death is agonizing. This, and pain.

That is why surface torture that doesn't affect heart function is possibly the most torturous. Skinned alive, or torture by fire or boiling liquids.

The best death would be to have one's head blown of with a massive load of explosives. There is no consciousness in a splattered brain.

OK, this introduction was meant to give you a deeper perspective about what matters in life.

A comfortable death matters, and before that, it's really only optimal sex. You can't take your money with you when you die, and your professional attainments, or your fame, are of no value during your existence as a dead man.

But at least sexual desire and the waves of orgasms feel good here and now. Only sexual desire and orgasms can make you forget the futility of your existence.

And if you are religiously inclined, as I am, you should consider the idea that sexual fulfillment builds karma, your soul.

If your sex life as of this time is not of a divine quality, then I can help.

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